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Bronx Residents on Mark Gjonaj

Recent Events:

  1. Gjonaj Supports Budgetary Focus on Education (9/28/2017) - As the father of two public school-educated teenage sons and the husband of a public school nurse, Mark Gjonaj knows firsthand who is hurt the most by overcrowded classrooms and undercut schools. All Bronx sons and daughters deserve better, and Mark is fighting to ensure they receive the most from their education.
  2. Gjonaj offers Legislation to Combat Tenant Rent Increases (9/15/2017) - With cost of living rising in The Bronx, it’s important that we protect our most vulnerable populations. But it’s also important that we take care of our working and middle-class families, those whose incomes are too high to qualify for most assistance but too low to afford the comfortable life we all want.
  3. Gjonaj Fights to Ban Synthetic Marijuana (8/15/2017) - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj is fighting against the sale and use of synthetic marijuana. “The sale and use of synthetic marijuana is an epidemic in our state. These drugs are easily accessible and are being marketed to children right in our backyard.
  4. Gjonaj Celebrates, Promotes Bronx Diversity (8/8/2017) - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj knows it’s important to celebrate the diversity of the Bronx. That’s why Mark has sponsored a series of events each year since he was first elected to the NY Assembly.
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