Gjonaj offers Legislation to Combat Tenant Rent Increases

With cost of living rising in The Bronx, it’s important that we protect our most vulnerable populations. But it’s also important that we take care of our working and middle-class families, those whose incomes are too high to qualify for most assistance but too low to afford the comfortable life we all want.

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New York has two programs specifically aimed at addressing the impact of increasing rents for vulnerable populations. The Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) provide a rent-freeze for eligible senior citizens and individuals living with a disability. These invaluable protections help provide peace of mind that New York’s most vulnerable populations can stay in their apartments as the cost of living and rents keep rising.

But Mark Gjonaj also cares about tenants who don’t qualify for these programs. He has introduced legislation in Albany to provide greater protections for all New Yorkers — a Tenant Rent Increase Exemption (TRIE) program that mirrors the highly successful SCRIE and DRIE models. Like SCRIE and DRIE, this TRIE program would allow eligible families living in affordable housing, who earn $50,000 or less per year and pay half of their income in rent costs, to have their rents capped and frozen. If a tenant’s rent exceeds half of his/her income, the state will pay the additional increase amount. For example, if the tenant’s rent is $1,000 per month and will be increased to $1,020, then the state will pay the additional $20.

The TRIE program will enable working individuals to better provide for their families and allow their incomes to be used for other essential needs like food and clothing. This is the kind of compassion and common-sense Mark wants to take to the New York City Council. Whether you’re a tenant, co-op or condo- or homeowner, Mark Gjonaj cares about you, your neighborhood, our communities, and The Bronx. Don’t forget to vote for Mark Gjonaj in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 7!

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