Gjonaj Celebrates, Promotes Bronx Diversity

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj knows it’s important to celebrate the diversity of the Bronx. That’s why Mark has sponsored a series of events each year since he was first elected to the NY Assembly.

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“Sampling food and music from different cultures brings us all closer together,” said Mark. “And the more we can enjoy each other’s music and culture, the more we can learn to appreciate each other in our neighborhoods, our places of worship, our workplaces and on our commutes.”

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Mark celebrated with the community June 24 at Allerton’s Annual International Food Festival. The event brought hundreds of hungry residents to taste the Bronx’s best, while vendors representing Albanian, Caribbean, Italian, Latin American and African cultures faced off in a food competition.

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But the Bronx is so full of diversity and culture, a celebration of just its cuisines is not enough. As he has done since 2013, Mark hosted the Annual International Music Festival July 22 at Loreto Park. The event featured many diverse musical talents including performers from the Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center (North East Bronx). Mark distributed International Music Festival t-shirts to concertgoers and met with Rozafati Dancers from Our Lady of Shkodra Church.

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Mark also believes it is important that the rest of New York has a chance to celebrate all the Bronx has to offer. Mark celebrated the best of the Bronx at the Fifth Annual Bronx Day in Albany May 1. “Streets of The Bronx Band” and “Raised in the Bronx” performed.

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