Mark Gjonaj — endorsed by more labor organizations than any other other candidate for the Bronx' 13th City Council District!

CSEA 1199SEIU nyhtc twuufoaSteamfitters Local 638CSAnyc district council of carpentersUFT 32BJSEIU Correction Officers Benevolent Association Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1 NewYork Construction and General Building Laborers Patrolman's Benevolent Association Mason Tenders District Council Painters and Allied Trades Uniformed Firefighters Association CWA D1 Uniformed Sanitationmen Local 831 Retail Wholesale Department Store Union Operating Engineers Local 94


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

“I am proud to endorse Mark Gjonaj for City Council. Serving together in Albany, I have known Mark to be a committed and consistent public servant. From delivering on-time balanced budgets to Universal Pre-K, to Free Tuition NYC, he has been the dedicated representative The Bronx needs. A true supporter of working families, seniors, homeowners and tenants alike, I know Mark will be a fierce leader in City Hall.”

sen jeff klein

Sen. Jeff Klein

“Mark Gjonaj is an exemplary elected official and a friend whose deep commitment to his community can be felt in every corner of it. Mark springboards to action whenever our neighborhood is in need, partnering with me to organize important community town halls on pressing issues like the Legionnaires’ outbreak in Morris Park and concerns over heroin abuse, and he meets these issues with action by bringing free Legionnaires’ screenings for those without insurance or opioid overdose reversal kits. Mark has partnered with me on important legislation to combat K2 as an assemblyman in Albany, and he is dedicated to helping his constituents in our district. There is no better person to serve in the New York City Council than Mark Gjonaj, which is why I endorse him in his campaign for the 13th District.”

new york city democrat

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

"Mark Gjonaj has been a powerful fighter for his district and the entire Bronx in the New York State Assembly, and I know he will bring that same passion and energy to the City Council. I am proud to join my colleagues today in support of Mark Gjonaj's campaign for City Council, and I urge my fellow Democrats to support him and his vision for the 13th City Council District.”

nyc democratic party

Bronx Democratic Party Chairman, Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo

“Mark Gjonaj has already shown us the kind of dedication, strong voice and battle-tested drive that he brings to the table while working in Albany. I have no doubt will hit the ground running and bring that same brand of leadership to benefit the residents of 13th Council District by being their fighter and their voice in City Hall.”

mark gjonaj democrat

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx)

“As someone who has had the opportunity to work closely with Mark Gjonaj, I can attest to how deeply he cares about the communities he represents and his ability to deliver for them. He’s an inclusive leader who knows what it takes to create ladders of opportunities for hard-working families and I have no doubt he will translate the experience he’s had in the NYS Legislature to improve the lives of his constituents as part of the City Council. He’s a leader Bronxites can trust and I’m proud to support him!”

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Sen. Jamaal Bailey

"Mark Gjonaj has shown his commitment to building up communities and looking out for the people of The Bronx over his years in the New York State Assembly. I know he will bring that same level of passion to representing the people of the 13th Council District and will continue to be one of the best advocates for our borough in City Hall.”

mark gjonaj community board 11

Council Member Andrew Cohen

"I have worked with Mark for a number of years and he has a proven track record of delivering first rate constituent services. He has always been a responsive and tireless advocate who takes the time to really listen and understand the issues facing the people he serves. Mark's smart and thoughtful leadership and his experience delivering results for working families will make him an outstanding Council Member.  Four years ago, Mark embraced my candidacy, and now it is my honor to support him in his bid to join the New York City Council. I look forward to working with him at City Hall.”

new york city elect

Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson

"I am looking forward to working with Mark Gjonaj as he makes the transition to representing the 13th Council District. Mark's work ethic during his time in the New York State Assembly is well known and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish for our communities in The Bronx.  Mark is a committed, compassionate and consistent public servant and I support his candidacy to become a Member of the New York City Council."

bronx elect

Council Member Annabel Palma

"I am excitedly endorsing Mark Gjonaj for the 13th City Council district. For several years, Mark has been an esteemed member of the New York State Assembly, representing the Bronx in our state capitol. He has advocated for more economic development and been supportive of quality of life improvements for our borough. I expect Mark to thrive in the City Council, as he transitions his well-earned experience to deal with local matters in City Hall, and in the 13th Council district he is running to represent.”

mark gjonaj for new york city council

Council Member Rafael Salamanca

"We need individuals on the Council who have the experience and truly understand the communities they represent. Mark Gjonaj not only understands this part of the Bronx, but has delivered for the families here as a member of the Assembly. It's why I'm supporting him for City Council.”

mark gjonaj for new york city council

Council Member Ritchie Torres

”Mark Gjonaj has been a tireless advocate and voice for the people of the Bronx. I am proud to endorse him for City Council. And I look forward to working with Mark as we fight to advance the Democratic values that have served as a vital safety net to working and middle-class families.”

nyc elect

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

“I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague, Mark Gjonaj, to be the next Councilman in the 13th District. Working hand in hand with Mark in the State Assembly for the past four years has convinced me that he has a love for our community and the energy and vision to work to ensure that the Pelham Parkway-Morris Park-Allerton-City Island-Pelham Bay, Westchester Square, Country Club, Waterbury/LaSalle and Throggs Neck communities will not be neglected. Mark has been a force in Albany and a non-stop worker for his constituents in The Bronx. He is truly one of the hardest working members in public service today. He will make his presence felt in City Hall and be an ardent advocate for our community in the New York City Council.”

mark gjonaj community board 10

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

“I am proud to endorse my colleague Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj for the New York City Council. I know how extraordinarily effective he has been as a member of the assembly, both in Albany, and in his community, which is why I am so confident that he will be an excellent member of the city council. I am looking forward to all the residents of the 13th council district benefitting from his commitment, talent and hard work.”

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Assemblyman Victor M. Pichardo

"I am proud to support Mark Gjonaj for City Council District 13. He has been a strong advocate for quality education, job creation and small businesses. As a friend and ally in the State Assembly, I have no doubt that Mark Gjonaj will continue to advocate for his constituents as the next Councilmember from the East Bronx.” 

new york city council

Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers, NY

“Mark Gjonaj is a great leader, a rising star in the NY State politics. He is moving up the ladder very quickly. When you look at his time in the Assembly, it takes years to move to that seniority ladder. He a leader, a mover and a shaker. He has truly been one of the finest examples of NY State elected officials, and I am glad to stand by him in his race for NYC Council.”

mark gjonaj 45th precinct

President of 32BJ SEIU Hector Figueroa

“Assemblymember Mark Gjonaj has consistently placed issues important to our members at the forefront of his work in the Assembly, standing up for immigrant rights and fair wages. His dedication and commitment to our members and their families is why we proudly give our endorsement to Assemblymember Gjonaj and look forward to working together to help working families in New York thrive.”

mark gjonaj 49th precinct

Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph A. Geiger, NYC & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters

"As an Assemblyman, Mark Gjonaj has fought for working class men and women. We know he will continue to be a champion for our membership as a member of the City Council, and we are proud to support his candidacy."

mark gjonaj for nyc council

CSA President Ernest Logan

“CSA is pleased to announce our support of Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj amid his 2017 City Council campaign. We share in Mark’s commitment to better the Bronx community. His continued efforts to protect quality educational programs and maintain safe neighborhood environments have not gone unnoticed. We are particularly appreciative of his guidance over this year's State Budget, of which he fought to create the Excelsior Scholarship Program, and to increase valuable services and aid for community schools. We are thrilled to stand by Mark, a hardworking candidate who delivers important resources to students and families.”

mark gjonaj

President of Steamfitters Local 638 Patrick Dolan

“Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has been a friend of the union for many years. He has shown leadership in supporting important legislation for construction workers and knows that they are the backbone of this city. Mark Gjonaj will be a strong voice and advocate for labor as he represents the 13th Council District.”

mark gjonaj

New York State Director of Policy and Legislation Helen Schaub

“1199SEIU is proud to support Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj for City Council. Time and time again, the Assemblyman has shown strong leadership and dedication to the lives of New Yorkers. He has been an outspoken advocate for working people, especially for those in the healthcare field. He has continually fought to increase the minimum wage and the scope of worker benefits and has worked to develop a more comprehensive system of access to health insurance. We are confident Mark Gjonaj will bring a new level of accountability to our caregivers, seniors, and people with disabilities. “We admire his authentic progressive platform and his positions on the most important issues of our time.”

mark gjonaj

UFOA President Jake Lemonda

“The Uniformed Fire Officers Association is proud to announce their endorsement of Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj in his campaign for New York City Council. Mark has always been a strong supporter of the NYC Fire Department and its members. His dedication and commitment to public safety has always been at the forefront of every action. The UFOA is confident that Assemblyman Gjonaj will continue to be the champion our firefighters need in City Hall.”

mark gjonaj

TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen

“Assemblyman Gjonaj cares about New York City transportation workers and cares about making a difference. He understands that job security is something much greater than a political talking point—it is the difference between taking care of your family and struggling to survive. We are confident that Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj will fight alongside us for increased funding and expanded access to transportation infrastructure so that we can effectively do our jobs. The entire TWU family is behind Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj and his race for city council.”

mark gjonaj

President of the New York Hotel Trades Council Peter Ward

"On behalf of our union's 35,000 members, I am proud to announce our enthusiastic endorsement of Assembly Member Mark Gjonaj. We are confident that Assembly Member Gjonaj will fight for working New Yorkers just as tirelessly in the City Council as he has in Albany, and we look forward to standing next to him every step of the way."

mark gjonaj

UFT President Michael Mulgrew

“Mark Gjonaj always has an open door for the community as a member of the State Assembly. We are confident that he will serve both Bronx and New York City effectively on the City Council.”

mark gjonaj

CSEA Metro Region President Lester Crockett

"The Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), which represents over 14,000 members and retirees throughout NYC, is proud to endorse Mark Gjonaj for the 13th city council district in the Bronx. CSEA has worked with Mr. Gjonaj during his time as a NYS Assemblyman and we know he has a strong commitment to representing the interests of the hard working men and women in his district, including those who provide the public services that make this the greatest city in the world. We look forward to working with Mark in the city council.”

mark gjonaj

COBA President Elias Husamudeen

"On behalf of the men and women who patrol New York City’s toughest precincts, the city’s jails, we are very proud to endorse these dedicated men and women from across each of the five Boroughs of New York for City Council. Whether they have served on the Council before or have represented New Yorkers in Albany, or have never even previously served in elected office, they each have earned our respect and support.”

mark gjonaj

UFA President Gerard Fitzgerald

"Mark Gjonaj has demonstrated a commitment to public safety and organized labor, and he recognizes the hand that UFA plays in promoting the public safety of all New Yorkers, so we are proud to endorse him in his campaign for City Council. With his experience, we know we can count on him to protect our benefits and secure the funding we need to hire, train, and protect our firefighters.”

mark gjonaj

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch

"We need a City Council that is going to have NYPD officers' backs. Assemblyman MarkGjonaj has worked hard to support police officers and to ensure the public safety in his district. Mark has consistently fought for fair pay and benefits, and appropriate equipment and training for police officers, all factors that help us keep crime at record lows. We’re proud to endorse Mark Gjonaj and we hope New Yorkers will join us in supporting his campaign for City Council.”

mark gjonaj

Michael J. McGuire, Director, Mason Tenders' District Council P.A.C.

"Mark Gjonaj is passionate about making sure that the working class of New York has fair wages and safe working conditions. He understands the needs of our members and his position as an advocate for the issues affecting working people, but most importantly, he has the experience and judgment to fulfill that role. We are proud to extend our endorsement to Mark and will work tirelessly to get him elected to fight for us.”

CWA District One

Bob Master, CWA District One’s Legislative and Political Director

"Mark Gjonaj has a proven record of leading the fight to protect the interests of working families. In the City Council, we are confident that he will be a tireless voice for the issues of everyday New Yorkers and a committed leader in making this a city that works for everyone. We are a family of over 140,000 active members. Our members are at the heart of this country’s telecommunications, healthcare, public sector and media industries - people who get up every day and work hard to keep our city moving forward. It is critical that we have leaders at all levels of government who understand their value, needs and concerns. For these reasons and more, we whole-heartedly endorse Mark Gjonaj for City Council."

Uniformed Sanitationmen Local 831

Uniformed Sanitationmen Local 831 President Harry Nespoli

"Now more than ever, New York’s working families need someone that will fight for the everyday issues that impact their lives. And with a proven record of protecting worker interests and advancing common sense solutions to help families cope with the rising cost of living, we wholeheartedly endorse Mark Gjonaj for City Council."

Retail Wholesale Department Store Union

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum

"Throughout both the campaign and his tenure as a state legislator, Mark Gjonaj has demonstrated a focus and commitment to the issues that matter most to working people. He has proven that he understands that we must prioritize working families over profits and will stand with our members as they organize for dignity in the workplace and in their communities."

Operating Engineers Local 94

Operating Engineers Local 94 Business Manager Kuba Brown

"During these difficult economic times, a vocal advocate will be integral in ensuring the well-being of the men and women of our city, and we are confident that [Mark Gjonaj] will exceed all expectations."

mark gjonaj

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